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V2V Communication and Autonomous Cars

Convoy of Autonomous Cars

Convoy of Autonomous Cars

One area where software assistance is currently making huge advances is collision avoidance, with some models of cars already having mechanisms available such as adaptive cruise control that changes speed , adaptive headlight direction and parking sensors. Sensors help a great deal in this area, however communication technology is currently being applied to further advances in collision avoidance. This article explains the concept of V2V, vehicle to vehicle communication. The basic premise is that it is possible to have computer systems, for example, apply the brakes if another nearby vehicle communicates that it is on a collision course.

Another possible use of V2V communication is to have a group of cars, all communicating with each other and a lead vehicle, follow the lead vehicle. This BBC article, titled “Volvo’s self-drive ‘convoy’ hits the Spanish motorway”, describes how a similar application is currently being tested in Spain. I can not tell from the article that the communication technology is V2V, but considering the following video I would assume that it is:
Volvo V2V by LM_Turbo

As indicated in this Huffington Post article, V2V is currently being studied by the US Department of Transportation as it well should given that this National Highway Safety Transportation Administration study has determined that about 80 percent of all crashes could be averted with V2V and V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) systems. With numbers like that it would not be surprising to see adoption of the systems mandated, accelerating the typical automotive technology adoption cycle.