I created this website so that I could share some of my discoveries in some of my interests. One of my interests is following trends in technology. To give you a clue to one technological trend I have observed, consider when I was hired by IBM in 1981 as a technician working with 3081 mainframe computers. One of the cool parts of that job, aside from working with the amazing machinery, was when Fortune magazine arrived and took some pictures for an article they published, including one that I was in. 

It is not my best side, but the picture is interesting anyway because it gives the viewer a good idea of the size of these computers. For some of my thoughts along with articles and videos that support them, feel free to visit the Tech Corner of this website.

One of the trends that has gained momentum over the past few decades is open-source software and freeware. For some discussion about the significance of this trend and some very good free software picks including web development, office, and music/recording software, please visit the Free Software section.

Having an interest in and having hand coded a website devoted to the instrument, I would not have felt that my personal website was complete without a section about the instrument. Please visit the Shakuhachi section for more information.

Another purpose I believe this web-site will serve is to document the various personal projects I’ve worked on. For discussion about those projects please visit the Projects section of this website.   

I have also included a Blog so that I can include posts with further information about topics  related to the ones I discuss on these pages. A list of some of the blog posts are:


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