The Japanese type of bamboo flute called shakuhachi has a history of being used as a tool to train monks on their way to zen enlightenment. Having started playing the typical silver flute at age 16 and continuing exploring various ethnic flutes over my years, I have found the shakuhachi, or Japanese bamboo flute the most enjoyable to play. Just the exercise called Ro-buki, that is playing the lowest note for a few minutes,  produces a such a deep, rich, tone that focusing on it, as one should in practice, is very calming.


In the spring of 2011 I started learning HTML and created a web site with educational material about shakuhachi, including an AJAX driven web-based finger chart tool. Please click here to visit my shakuhachi web site.

For a hand picked selection of videos displaying fine shakuhachi playing, please click the Favorite Videos link.


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